Compare Huawei P10 vs Huawei P10 Lite: Price, Specs, Review

huawei p10 vs p10 lite

I.P means Ingress Protection, which is the extent of protection against dust or water that might get into telephones. Huawei has launched its flagship P10 Android smartphone in South Africa.

But when you purchase the Huawei P10 the right charger must be included. No. the P10 Lite has not been rated as water-tight as we don’t find an IP-Rating.

Photos taken at night or in dim circumstances can undergo from noise and look overprocessed, significantly when there are bright lights – such as road lamps – around. The big selling level of the P10’s camera, in accordance with Huawei, is the new Leica-branded portrait mode.

It combines the pretend bokeh effect – mainly blurring the background of an image – and wonder mode effects we’ve seen in the past on different Huawei gadgets into a single effect. There’s no wireless charging on the Huawei P10, however, which is a notable omission when many phone producers are at present beginning to adopt the expertise. We didn’t get the opportunity to try fast-charging with our evaluate handset, because the required charger wasn’t included in the field.

However, you should not convey the Huawei P10 with you into the water. This can otherwise in a short time result in a technical defect, which might be a pity for the beautiful phone. Apart from the extra standard modes like HDR and Panorama there are many digital camera modes out there together with a full handbook mode, which provides higher control over ISO, exposure and shutter speed. Huawei additionally added a light-weight painting mode, that permits you to capture mild trails created by issues like shifting cars, or the celebs within the sky. The effect may be actually cool, but does require very steady hands, or a tripod mount, to get the shot to look the way in which you’ll need it.

What SIM card does Huawei p10 Lite use?

Front Camera of Huawei P10 Lite: The front Camera of Huawei P10 lite is packed with 8MP lens furthermore it doesn’t have any flash light. Screen light is accessible instead of flash light and it can record videos in full 1080p quality.

huawei p10 vs p10 lite

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