Top 10 Sadest Anime Deaths

Here are some of the most sad anime deaths, but there are definitely more, so I recommend reading the full death story. I had to read a fair number of sites to get my brain around all the different death scenes in anime. It is definitely not a fair comparison, but the reason why this review came about was because of how much time I spend researching anime and manga. I started out with it only being Anime, but then I found out that I was incorrect, and it was actually a Manga. There are plenty of death scenes in Anime, but they are all pretty standard. This is one area where I feel that Manga is in a league of it’s own.

One of the sad anime deaths I was very familiar with is when the main character dies at the end of a fight, and the other characters cheer, but it is the girl that dies at the end. It’s very easy to ignore, but not too hard to understand the story behind why the character died. Another is when a bad guy is shown to be bad, but it is a bad guy that is only meant to die at the end, not the hero. There are many other deaths, and I just mentioned one. That’s just some of the reasons why I think it is one of the saddest anime deaths I have seen.

If you want a good reference for the most sad anime death story, just Google it and have a good read. There are plenty of death stories online and just going through them can give you some sickening ideas on why things happened.