Top 10 Countries by Inflation

Inflation rate has an effect on our lives and how we calculate the top 10 countries by inflation is not as simple as you might think. It is obvious that the inflation rate affects everyone, but that does not mean that inflation is the most important thing. Inflation is just one of many factors that determine how long it will take to pay off the interest on a debt. Inflation is the rate at which prices are changing, so when the prices go up it should be obvious that you need to pay more, but how do you define inflation?

The best way to define inflation is to look at how fast the money changed hands. If the prices increased much faster than the money in circulation, then you have inflation. Many experts say that the bottom ten countries by inflation also have a lot of free markets, where the price of goods can change very quickly, so in the end the bottom ten countries by inflation are ones where money is heavily influenced by market forces, rather than the government.

Countries like New Zealand and Switzerland are countries where there is less government involvement in pricing, and the governments of those countries do not even get into the retail market. However, the US economy is very different, and they are right at the top. Therefore, the government is a very important factor, but it should not be considered the top ten countries by inflation, but rather the bottom ten countries by inflation. That would also include Norway, which is a country that has a very high tax rate. In fact, many people consider Greece as one of the worst countries in the world by inflation, since the price of food is so high in Greece.