How to Add an Intro to a YouTube Video

If you are like most people who are looking to create a YouTube page and turn it into an online money making machine, you are probably wondering how to add an intro to a YouTube video. There are many ways that you can go about this. One of the simplest ways is by simply adding a camera video player on your YouTube channel. Most YouTube viewers will automatically see a “play”pause” icon in their web browser if there is already a video playing or paused on the page.

You can also use this same feature by clicking on the pause button on the upper right hand corner of the screen when you want to return to the page. While this is an easy way to insert a “scene” or intro into your video, you can be much more creative with this feature. Adding a short message along with your video could be just the thing that will turn visitors away and keep them from enjoying your video as much as they would have otherwise.

Another very useful tool that you can use to add the “scene” of your choice is by placing audio files in your video. Make sure that your music tracks are carefully chosen so that you do not take away from the intended purpose of the video. Some people like to add the music as a part of the intro, while others like to place it in the “background” of the video. The important thing is to use the audio as an easy to access feature in the viewer’s mind that will lead them to enjoy what they are watching and help them enjoy the video as well.