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What Are Torrent Trackers?

what are torrent trackers

So, what are torrent trackers? There are a lot of people who think that torrents are the same as torrent trackers. However, they are actually quite different. Torrents are the data files that you download when you find a great song or other type of media. Because it is not very easy to store information in binary form, you usually use these files in the form of files such as mp3, wav, etc.

what are torrent trackers

Torrent trackers are a web site which allows you to use their service to download files from other websites. What do they do is, they search through these websites for any media files which they have not yet made available to the public and then this data is put together into a form which can be sent to you. What happens is that you then download this data and you can use it anywhere you want. This is a much easier process than you imagine, and if you can get hold of a reliable torrent tracker you will find that you can easily download torrents all day long without any problems.

When you are looking for torrent trackers you need to make sure that you are using one that has a good reputation. In fact, your best bet is to simply go onto the tracker website itself and see if they have one. Make sure that they are very active on the tracker and that the person running the site is very well known. If this does not look right then you may want to go onto another tracker. It is always good to test the waters to see if it works for you before you decide to make any long term plans with this service.